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Screenshot of my work in progress Windows XP theme for linux using the MATE desktop environment

Someone on HN was asking about the source code for lunadon. Source code is available here: github.com/assemblylanguage/lu

the current source code is mostly theming: a few changes to the haml and react code, new icons, and a large CSS override sheet.

Merged the first pull request to the lunadon source code from an external contributor today, and pushed the changes to this instance. Thanks for the commit Finn!

currently working on a Windows XP theme for cinnamon DE, can share some screenshots once I have a good base set up

Finally got MSN Messenger working on XP, as well as XPize and a couple web browsers.
Loving this nostalgia trip, it’s so fun to play around with this stuff.
I’m installing lots of era-specific software, onto finding Office XP!

Windows Live Messenger redesigned!
this is literally peak messenger ui

Here's a screenshot of lunadon.org/ on the Mypal browser in a Windows XP machine, was doing some testing on XP

Made an update to my mastodon instance, just a few CSS changes here and there to improve the style

Here's an interesting video about the history and origins of the Bliss default wallpaper used in windows XP


The Mastodon code base is open source under the AGPLv3 license, and because of this anyone can create and modify their own instance. Lunadon is my modified fork of Mastodon that is themed based off of Windows XP, an operating system released in 2001 that still has many fans and users even to this day.

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Hello, World. This is the first post on the Lunadon instance of Mastodon. Mastodon is a Twitter-like, federated social network with an open source code base. Unlike centralized social networks which are run by a single instance, Mastodon is a collection of separately run instances that can all inter-operate with each other through the W3C standardized ActivityPub protocol, allowing you to communicate with users on other instances, creating a federated social network.


Retro tech and nostalgia.

MSN Messenger
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